FestiFools weekend is really the most ridiculous fun in the whole Ann Arbor area

Come join us downtown this weekend for the craziest, weirdest, most wonderful fun all year: Ann Arbor's FestiFools celebration of spring. 

If you're new to the area, it's a bit hard to explain. Simply put, downtown goes wild with crowds of foolish, happy folks, some dressed in zany costumes, some with banners and balloons and lights, some with giant puppets. 

And some of us are just there to soak up the crazy. (It's great for the mental health!)  

The crazy starts with a new event this year: the Foolish First Friday Pre-GLOW. Lots of Kerrytown and downtown businesses will have specials, like face painting, foolish skirts, wine, art on display. You can also play the Kerrytown Bells from 6–7 p.m. 

Then FoolMoon itself starts at sunset (around 7 p.m.) and goes 'til midnight. 

Everyone and anyone is invited to gather in the streets to shake off those cold gray winters. The skyline will be filled with luminaries, interactive installations, laser shows, a beer tent sponsored by Grizzly Peak, DJ’s raised into the air, live dance performances, and oh so many more de-LIGHT-fool surprises!

It's a blast!

Linda and I haven't missed this weekend in years. She creates her fool costume, shown in the photo above, and walks / dances in the FestiFool Parade on Sunday, right down Main Street. Our son Jason is usually at her side. In fact, those hands on the right of the photo are Jason's.

The FestiFools website describes the parade, which has a FISHtaFOOLS theme this year: 

FestiFools is one of Ann Arbor’s cultural treasures. It is a HUGE-mongous public art spectacular, created by members of the community and U of M students. Magnificent, colorful, bizarre, human-powered papier-mâché puppets join thousands of Foolish friends frolicking about downtown for one fun-filled hour!

If you get a sudden wish for your own foolish costume, you're in luck. There's a Last-Minute Costume Workshop Saturday, put on by Wonderfool Productions, which  sponsors the events.  

Create colorful, unique, and wearable fashion at SCRAP Box for a FREE Make & Take Workshop the day before FestiFools, Saturday...from 10 am–12 pm!

We'll definitely be foolish this weekend 

Hope you'll join us! In the meantime, check out the Facebook pages of FoolMoon and FestiFools, and enjoy a few more photos of last years' foolhardiness.