Andrea Rothney

Andrea Rothney, lives at Sunward Cohousing in Ann Arbor and invests there with lots of volunteer work, committee contributions, and building her knowledge and intentional community skills by taking courses via the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC).  As the “Intentional Community Realtor,” Andrea is concentrating her efforts at listing and selling properties at Sunward (her home neighborhood) and neighboring Great Oak, and Touchstone. Her mission is to nurture and strengthen those communities by assuring that sellers and buyers communicate, understand, and promote the goals, culture and expectations as efficiently and completely as possible. Every new resident should be fully informed, prepared, and eager to become a joyfully engaged resident.

With a background in education, Andrea has patience and know-how to support her goal of well-informed, fully prepared clients. Though relatively new to Ann Arbor (coming from years in Europe and the Grand Traverse region) she is an experienced and knowledgeable professional with a lifetime of interest and over a decade of rich and productive work in Michigan real estate.

Greatest life accomplishment? More than awards, innovations, and gratifying projects, Andrea sees her greatest life accomplishment in the lives of her three children: Maggie, Ian and Elena. Raising happy, kind, productive humans and the privilege of being part of their lives is unsurpassed. Exploring ways to promote deeper connections in all communities is one of Andrea’s long-term goals. Look for her behind the scenes of fun and enriching events – maybe at a block party - in a regular ol’ neighborhood near you.

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